The Yamaha U10A Silent piano is a remarkable instrument that combines the timeless beauty of an acoustic piano with the modern convenience of digital technology. It is designed to offer an exceptional playing experience while providing the flexibility of silent practice.

The U10A Silent piano is a high-quality upright piano crafted with Yamaha’s renowned craftsmanship and expertise. It produces a rich and expressive tone, characteristic of Yamaha pianos, with a wide dynamic range that allows for expressive musical interpretation. The piano’s sound is warm, resonant, and well-balanced, delivering a satisfying and immersive playing experience.

The U10A Silent piano also offers additional digital features, such as a range of instrument sounds, recording capabilities, and connectivity options. Pianists can explore various instrument voices, including different piano sounds and other instrument simulations, expanding their creative possibilities. The recording feature allows for capturing performances or compositions, enabling review, analysis, and sharing. The piano can also be connected to external devices, such as computers or smartphones, facilitating seamless integration with music apps and software.


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