The Yamaha YUS-1 is a professional-grade upright piano that is popular among musicians and music schools. It is made by Yamaha, a well-known and respected brand in the music industry. The YUS-1 is part of Yamaha’s U Series of upright pianos, which are known for their exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship. The YUS-1 is made with top-quality materials and features a solid spruce soundboard, which helps to produce a rich, full sound. It also has a redesigned action and hammers, which are designed to provide a smooth and responsive touch, then voiced by Yamaha Master Technicians to the highest standard.

The YUS-1 is a refined version of the U1 featuring superior strings and hand-crafted grade hammer felt, improving the resonance and tone. Further refinement with an elegant quality cabinet with smooth lines makes the Yamaha YUS1 a very clear choice if a top quality instrument is required at a moderate height Yamaha YUS-1 custom is a very nice instrument with a warmer tone with improved clarity, depth and range over the Yamaha U1.

The YUS1 is produced by Yamaha in their Kakegawa factory in Japan. which has become renowned across the industry for its high levels of craftsmanship and superb attention to detail. Once in the UK, all Yamaha YUS1s are further prepared at their facility in Milton Keynes to ensure each instrument is beautifully set up.


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