With its warm, solid sound and consistently stable playability, the U series draws you in and lets you immerse yourself in the piano from the first time you play it. This model epitomizes the Yamaha upright piano, and embodies a standard in pianos that has matured over decades—inheriting the fundamental specifications and characteristics, and remaining in high regard by professional pianists.

The exceptional high-quality sound and durability of the U series have been achieved through outstanding design, thorough quality control of the wood materials, and unique application of advanced technology to craft parts that are resistant to warping and twisting. The result is extraordinarily smooth and sensitive playability, with even the most delicate nuances preserved and given full expression. We have packed all of Yamaha’s unique commitment in this instrument to ensure that your piano playing enjoyment lasts for a long time.

  • Advanced Scale Design
  • Soundboard and Frame
  • Redesigned Hammers

Just arrived factory reconditioned Yamaha U3H model, 1974 and 1975 from Japan. We hand select only the finest pianos directly from the Japanese factories and import to Belfast. Each is like new inside and our rebuilt by Yamaha technicians. The U3 is the top of range of Yamaha upright pianos use in homes and concert halls the world over and the choice of most professionals.

Yamaha U3H Current Stock/Serial Numbers.

We currently have x3 Yamaha U3H models built in 1974-1975  in stock:

1974: 1925***
1975: 1955***
1975: 2106***

Yamaha U3 Models Explained

Not sure about the different U3 models? Compare All U3 Variants here.


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