Yamaha GB-1K silent Black 5ft Baby grand circa 2012 in excellent condition .The smallest of Yamaha’s Grand Pianos, the GB1-K is ideal for living spaces, and is a feasible alternative to an upright, particularly since its design is based on Yamaha’s industry-standard C Series Grands, and the instrument has been constructed without any compromises in terms of its craftsmanship. Despite this being Yamaha’s entry-level grand the GB1K has a soft-close fallboard, a feature normally only found on higher-end instruments.

Silent System
With Yamaha’s latest Silent System you not only have one of the most popular and highly-regarded upright pianos on the market, but also one that gives you the option of practising without disturbing others. It does this by activating a rail which stops the hammers from travelling all the way up to the strings. You therefore benefit from the normal weight and feel of the hammer action but without creating any acoustic sound.

Instead, optical sensors – located under the keys – detect all the various nuances of your playing and convert this into sound that has been sampled from Yamaha’s CFX Concert Grand piano through the included headphones, and you also have the option of hearing Bösendorfer’s Imperial Concert Grand (along with 8 other instruments). In the case of the CFX, the sound has been sampled binaurally, which gives you the most authentic, acoustic sounding sample available. And Yamaha’s Virtual Resonance Modelling further replicates all of the natural resonance that acoustic instruments are capable of. We have over 60 grand and uprights in stock and are Official Yamaha authorised dealers.

Learn more about the Yamaha GBA1K Here


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