The Yamaha P116 Upright Piano in black high gloss finish is fitted with Yamaha’s superb action design that responds to the differing touch nuances required to interpret the highest of standards of music. The Yamaha P116 T has a pleasing tone that is clear in the upper mid and treble registers and a balanced bass.

Providing a material upgrade to the smaller and lower-priced Yamaha model B2E, the Yamaha P116T has a superior soundboard, hammers and bridge to the B2E whilst retaining a neat footprint. These refinements deliver a clearer, richer and more sustaining tone.

Outstanding Features of the Yamaha P116T:

  • Designed specifically to meet the desires of the worlds pianists and institutions
  • Selection of the highest possible grade of spruce used in the soundboard
  • Advanced scale design
  • The highest of quality in action parts
  • Action finely adjusted and balanced to meet concert standards
  • Beautiful voice and tone
  • Responsive action