Blüthner Leipzig 7ft Concert Grand Piano – Model/Style 10 in polished black polyester case raised on turned fluted legs. This pianos has been completely reconditioned and is like a new piano. Manufactured c.1900 .The style 10 has the famous patent Aliquot stringing. Dating from the turn of the century, this rebuilt model 10 retains all it’s original features, turned legs and lyre .The patented aliquot stringing gives this piano a resonance only found with Blüthner.

So what is aliquot stringing and what does it bring to the tone of a piano?

It is fair to say that the aliquot stringing patent by Blüthner represents one of the greatest advances in piano design in the last 150 years. Aliquot stringing is the use of extra, un-struck strings in the piano for the purpose of enriching the tone. Aliquot systems use an additional (fourth) string in each note of the top three piano octaves. This string is slightly higher than the other three strings so that it is not struck by the hammer. Whenever the hammer strikes the three conventional strings, the aliquot string vibrates sympathetically.

Aliquot stringing broadens the vibrational energy throughout the instrument, and creates an unusually complex and colourful tone. Julius Blüthner invented and patented the aliquot stringing system in 1873. No other brand has this tonal advantage.


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