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Recently reconditioned Bechstein model V Black gloss grand piano regarded as one of the finest pianos ever made Bechstein represents the pinnacle of piano building in the world. Not a single design or material decision has been made with cost in mind. Virtually every inch of the piano is hand-made to the Nth degree. And while other instruments may feature one or two similarities, not a single production competitor comes even close to consistently selecting the very best at every turn.

For example, it has the same soundboard material as Fazioli. It has a similar but superior resonator design to that of Steinway. It’s bridges and joinery are built to a higher standard than Mason & Hamlin. And it uses a similar plate dampening design to that of Bosendorfer.

And on top of all of that, they manufacture their own bass strings and hammers, entirely in-house.

Since the late 1800’s, C. Bechstein has dominated the premium piano market, achieving the same type of mythical standing in Europe as Steinway did in New York. Not only do they continue to build piano which are effortless to play, and deliver the highest level of build quality possible, but the company itself is strong, independent, and focused on continued growth and prosperity.for more info contact Steven @Belfast Pianos +44 7517379455 appointments only


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